Vet Classics Stress Away Chew (30 Tablets)

Vet Classics Stress Away Chew (30 Tablets)

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Stress Relieving Chewable For Pets

Vet Classics consistently produces pet care products that are trusted by the top professionals in the industry. In addition, pet owners love the results from these safe and effective products.

Vet Classics Stress Away Chew (30 tablets) provides pet owners with an easy solution to calm the nervous system of their pet. This chewable works well for both dogs and cats. It also tastes well. The product can be given to the animal during a variety of stressful situations including traveling, grooming, thunderstorms, separate, fireworks, and more. This product is gentle enough for daily use.

Works to relieve stress quickly
Calms tension and nerves
Easy to transport
Pets love the taste and often mistake it for a treat
Can be used on pets of any age

  • Veterinarian Formulated
  • Natural Calming Effect
  • Use For: Traveling, Fireworks, Grooming, Thunderstorms