Vet Classics Cranberry Comfort Powder 100 Grams

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Vet Classics Cranberry Comfort Powder (100 gm)

Ease Your Pets’ Discomfort
Vet Classics Cranberry Comfort Powder is manufactured by Vet Classics, a company focused on providing the best products for pets. Each product is formulated by experienced veterinarians with specialized combinations to meet the diverse needs of your pets. Vitamins, supplements, and training aids are just a sample of the product line available to veterinarians.

Vet Classics Cranberry Comfort Powder was designed specifically to support the healthy function of the urinary tract. It is appropriate for both dogs and cats. Initial use occurs in twice daily doses, which reduces to twice a week, as advised by a veterinarian.

Cranberry Comfort Powder is available in a convenient 100 gram quantity and the economical 1 lb. container.
Cranberry Comfort Powder contains cranberry extract, vitamin C, marshmallow, Oregon grape root, and Echinacea for all natural comfort and relief.
Cranberry Comfort Powder and other products contain the ingredients to promote and active, healthy lifestyle for your pet.

  • Vet Classics Cranberry Comfort Powder (100 gm)
  • For use in dogs and cats over the age of 6 weeks.
  • Ingredients work synergistically to acidify the urine and help keep the bladder lining inhospitable to bacteria to help support and maintain a healthy urinary tract.
  • Made in the USA