I-Med Pharma Dog & Cat Eye Drops, I Drop Vet Plus Eye Lubricant (2 Pack) - Ointment Multi dose Bottle for Infections - 10ml (Count of 2)

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The Most Effective Viscoadaptive, Preservative-Free Artificial Tear for dogs and cats offering superior relief For Moderate to Severe Chronic Dry Eye 30% Viscoadaptive Hyaluronan Preservative-free Gentle, non-irritating formula Immediate & long-lasting relief Blink-activated re-coating Fewer applications necessary

  • ABOUT THE PRODUCT: I-DROP VET viscoadaptive artificial tears effectively and quickly help to relieve dry eye symptoms. I-DROP VET combines the advantages of the cohesive physical properties of the viscoelastic hyaluronan inactive ingredient, and the dispersive physical properties of a low molecular weight glycerin lubricant
  • EYEDROPS FOR DOGS OR CATS: Fix goopy, dry eyes for your pet. A blessing for severe eye dryness in your dogs and cats. Preservative free and and a gentle, non-irritating formula
  • 2 PACK: This listing is for a 2 pack of I-Drop Vet Plus Eye Lubricant Bottles (2 - 10 ML bottles)
  • INNOVATIVE BOTTLE DESIGN: Easy to use squeeze bottle features sophisticated one-way valve, delivering one dosed drop at a time (no wasted product). The anti-bacterial tip ensures sterile delivery of each drop. Please note: After use, there may be a residual amount of liquid remaining on the blue tip. This confirms that the bottle is working as it was designed and not drawing this liquid back into the bottle
  • HOW TO USE: 1) Ensure hands are clean prior to use 2) Open safety seal and Turn bottle upside-down 3) Position central blue dot of bottle above desired application area 4) Gently squeeze bottle until a single drop forms and falls (this may take a few seconds) 5) Repeat on second eye 6) Flick off any residual liquid