Feline Synacore

Feline Synacore

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Feline Synacore contains 2 probiotic strains, 2 prebiotics, 13 enzymes and 3 vitamins to help promote digestive support and better overall health.
Digestive upsets, Diarrhea, and related GI issues are common issues in cats and kittens. These issues can have a range of causes: micro flora imbalances, deficiency in enzymes/vitamins, switching foods, medications, boarding, traveling or environmental changes. Keep your cat healthy and happy with Synacore.

More info:
Promotes the overall wellbeing of your cat
Provides nutritional support for a healthy immune system
Moderates the negative effects of stress
Helps support regular digestion; may protect against occasional digestive upsets
2 Probiotics (specified strains*) proven to balance micro flora in the GI tract, which helps your pet defend against digestive upsets and other health problems.
1 Billion CFU’s per stick pack
2 Prebiotics that provide a food source for good bacteria to grow and thrive.
13 Enzymes to help break down food so your pet can gain all of the nutritional benefits from their diet.
3 Vitamins to promote healthy skin, shinier coat, stronger bones and a healthy gut.
May reduce fecal odor with regular use
Approved by the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council)

Know the Strain!

*What’s so important about a specifically named Probiotic Strain? Different strains may have different actions, positive or negative, even if they are the same genus and species. Knowing the specific strain ensures a reliable and consistent, clinically studied probiotic. Probiotics are classified by [Genus] [Species] [Strain], which would look like, [Lactobacillus] [Helveticus] [Rosell-52]. Check the ingredients, and look for the strain!

  • Supports the digestive system and promotes a strong immune system in cats
  • Contains probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes and vitamins for overall health
  • Can be used for cats that have regular-occurring diarrhea
  • Helps prevent digestive upsets during times of stress, while switching foods, or while on antibiotics
  • Can also be used as a daily supplement for cats that are deficient in enzymes or vitamins