Duop Microfiber Cleaning Pads

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Size:Medium – 10" x 5" |  Color:Cleaning & Dusting Pads

Duop Complete Cleaning & Dusting System - Cleaning & Dusting Has Never Been Easier!

Are you sick and tired of conventional dusters and cleaning rags, which do nothing more than just spread the dust and dirt around?

Has the Duop complete cleaning and dusting system starter kit been a great help to you, and you're looking to expand its versatility with some extra accessories and different interchangeable cleaning heads and mats?

There's more to the Duop system than what's included in the starter set - and these specialized cleaning pads may just prove to be exactly what you need!

Duop Microfiber Cleaning & Dusting Pads - The Perfect Way To Deal With Dust, Dirt, Allergens & Bacteria

Dust and dirt are notoriously difficult to deal with; instead of collecting and trapping them, most dusters and dusting cloths, wipes, and pads just spread them around.

These great microfiber cleaning and dusting pads, however, are made to trap almost every particle of dust, dirt, and allergens inside them - which makes them one of the most effective ways to clean your home!

Available In Every Duop Cleaning Head Size

The Duop Cleaning system is designed to be modular and have universally compatible accessories. Naturally, the same applies to all of its specialized microfiber cleaning pads, which come in 3 different sizes - one for each of the different interchangeable Duop cleaning heads:

  • Large: 4.375" (11.2 cm) wide by 14.35" (36.5 cm) long
  • Medium: 4.375" (11.2 cm) wide by 9.375" (23.8 cm) long
  • Small: 5.75" (14.7 cm) wide by 5.75" (14.7 cm) long

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  • FORGET ABOUT DUST, ALLERGENS & BACTERIA: These professional grade low pile microfiber pads are specifically built to clean and polish smooth surfaces, so they're great for dusting and cleaning windows, mirrors, or anything else made of glass. What's more, they leave no streaks whatsoever - they will make your windows almost invisible!
  • A SMART ADDITION TO THE DUOP CLEANING SYSTEM: Our professional grade microfiber specialized cleaning pads are designed to perfectly fit and complement our complete and uniquely practical Duop cleaning system. Designed from the ground up to make your life easier, it's the easiest way to clean, dust, and polish floors, walls, bathroom tiles, windows, ceilings, anything!
  • REMOVABLE, WASHABLE & REUSABLE: Forget all about disposable window washing and cleaning pads that end up costing more money than they're worth. Our Duop specialized microfiber pads and wipes are made to be durable and reusable. All you have to do is wash them between uses, let them dry, and you're good to go - again!
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY MATERIALS: When it comes to our microfiber pads and other Duop Complete Cleaning System products, we make a point of using nothing but superior quality materials, as well as state-of-the-art production processes and strict quality control. After all, your satisfaction is paramount!
  • AVAILABLE IN 3 DIFFERENT SIZES: Last, but not least, all of our Duop interchangeable microfiber specialized wipe pads come in 3 different sizes, one for each of the available cleaning head sizes, so that you can easily use them to clean, dust, or scrub any surface, no matter how big or small!